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Royal Armouries + IKEA Scale Comparison

by JT Bachman

Tower of London Timeline

by Lane Rick

The Tower of London has been around for a while, and it has been used for a number of different purposes by many different people.


Large format PDF here: Tower of London Timeline

Ikea Walkthrough in 40 Seconds

by Vincent Calabro

Ikea Walkthrough in 40 Seconds from Vincent Calabro on Vimeo.

Massimiliano Adami

by Francesco Galetto

Italian artist Massimiliano Adami and his new line of work “fossili moderni.”

Go Ape! Forest Segway in Swinley Forest, Bracknell

by Susan Surface

Go Ape! is an ecotourism and adventure company providing Segway tours of Swinley Forest.

Swinley Forest is located en route between London and Swindon. The Segway Tour is 35 miles west of London and 53 Miles east of Swindon.

Symbolic Entries

by JT Bachman

Here is a nice collection of symbolic entries. I would categorize them along with the Dunmore Pineapple Building, which we talked about earlier, yet these buildings are perhaps slightly more literal. My favorites are the Donut Hole and Hoot Hoot I Scream, so don’t leave the page until you at least get to those two.

Walmart Elevations

by Jennifer W. Leung

Palm Coast, FL

Cedar Hills, UT

Baltimore, MD

Baltimore, MD

Typical Big Box plans

by Jennifer W. Leung





Professor Alan Penn: Who enjoys shopping in IKEA?

by Ian Starling

Extremely interesting talk by Professor Alan Penn of UCL Bartlett School of Architecture on the efficacy of IKEA’s design.

Royal Armouries

by Lane Rick

By abstracting the forms of the Armouries, the IKEA sign, and the gun action, the three dimensional objects are flattened and treated at ambiguous scales. This ultimately flattening effect was not quite suggestive of an entrance’s spatial qualities and affects.

The components of the gun were broken apart and arranged in relation to the other objects. The composition of the objects on the page in the second drawing is intended to lead the occupant/viewer to a single point on the page. The larger frame of the elements resembles a gun barrel.