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Site 05: Picturesque Edgelands

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Site 05 is located in the edgelands of Swindon, straddling the line separating existing development from rural farmland. The site inherently possesses staples of development such as the Toys ‘R’ Us building, the parking lot, cars and shopping carts. However, it … Continue reading

Ikea in The New Yorker

If you don’t have a subscription, two summaries…

House Perfect – Is the Ikea ethos creepy or comfy?

The 17 Best Lines From the Epic New Yorker Ikea Story

2A Sampling An Encounter – Section Drawings

Renault Centre

Crown Jewel Room – Tower of London

Legs, Legs, Legs! – Yale Furniture Study

2A Sampling An Encounter – Spectrum Building

The drawing attempts to show the natural light within the Spectrum building designed by Lord Norman Foster in Swindon, United Kingdom. Click on it to see the animated GIF.

2A Sampling An Encounter- Tate Shop

5_tate store__colour

2A Sampling an Encounter – Park Bench Facing Tennis Court in London (near the fish restaurant)

2A Sampling an Encounter – Setting and Setup


This drawing examines the two sides of an Ikea wall.  Often times one side is set up for the consumption of space and identity while the other is set up for the consumption of actual goods to make the space displayed on the other side.

2A Sampling An Encounter


2A Sampling An Encounter



2A Sampling An Encounter – Beds + Signs