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JT Bachman – The Royal Armouries

This gallery contains 13 photos.

Midterm – JT Bachman

Swindon Indoor Snow News

A fantastic site with up-to-date news on potential future indoor ski slopes to be built in Swindon…

Also, a more in-depth article on the snow dome.


Object Graveyards – Multiples

This gallery contains 15 photos.

Running parallel with my entryway’s concept of displaying objects as a landscape in seas of multiples, I recently stumbled upon examples of object graveyards. As objects are getting produced faster than they can be recycled and thrown away, object graveyards … Continue reading

Site 05: Scalar Comparisons

These images illustrate the scalar differences between the existing Toys ‘R’ Us, The Royal Armouries building in Leeds, and the Tower of London. The Toys ‘R’ Us and the R.A. Leeds are almost identical in scale, while the Tower of London is too big to actually fit on the site. The Tower of London, when placed on the periphery of Swindon’s existing development, begins to behave the same way as it once did in London, as the guardian and protector of the periphery.

Toys ‘R’ Us

Royal Armouries – Leeds

Tower of London


Site 05: Picturesque Edgelands

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Site 05 is located in the edgelands of Swindon, straddling the line separating existing development from rural farmland.┬áThe site inherently possesses staples of development such as the Toys ‘R’ Us building, the parking lot, cars and shopping carts. However, it … Continue reading

2A Sampling An Encounter – Section Drawings

Renault Centre

Crown Jewel Room – Tower of London

Legs, Legs, Legs! – Yale Furniture Study

2A Sampling An Encounter – Ikea Person/Object Drawing

Aside from highlighting the bizarre condition of displaying sofas by floating them in stacks on a wall, this drawing attempts to capture the baby’s foot “shmooshing” the cushion of the sofa, along with illustrating the different sofa covers and textures.

1 Entrance – Entrance as a Landscape


Royal Armouries + IKEA Scale Comparison

by JT Bachman