Brief 2b

Project 2b. Sampling a city

Reliance Controls Factory by Team 4, Swindon. Built 1967, demolished 1991 for....

PC World Store, Greenbridge Retail Estate, Swindon 1991 - present

The brief for your new repository is to be developed concurrently at two scales. Having initially focused on the intimate encounter between viewer and artefact we will now introduce the epic scale of the post-suburban city; specifically the potential for your large building to sit within the now-experienced fabric of Swindon. Each pair of students (with different repositories) have been assigned a site. You are to work together to explore the site before individually making separate proposals for your own institution on the site.

In pairs you are to observe, record and analyse your site in preparation for making a proposal. You are to do this through:

Produce a 1:5000 location plan that highlights the key elements that surround your site and are relevant to your brief.

Produce a set of 1:1250 or 1:2500 colour drawings to illustrate the forms and uses of your site and a generous surrounding area. Each drawing should aim to be revelatory. The drawings will include, but are not limited to:

• buildings (figure/ground)
• paths (pedestrian)
• roads (vehicular)
• landscape
• planting, topography

plus a high resolution aerial photograph of your site

• public/private (Nolli plan)
• development plots
• building use
• landscape use (leisure, set aside, visual, etc)
• parking (spaces & access)

They should be produced digitally although they may incorporate drawn or found elements. All drawings should have a scale bar, north point and title. You must choose a scale that is appropriate to the specific densities of your site. For all plans you should add:

• Statistical information (percentages, graphs, charts) to support the quantitative aspects of your drawings e.g. land use percentages, number of parking spaces
• Photographic images as necessary to support the qualitative aspects e.g. character of a level change, a catalogue of materials

Everywhere has a story of how it was created, based upon memory, evidence, truth and falsity. In addition it has a number of futures, which can be gleaned by exploring the imaginations of politicians, planners, developers and users. The story of your site’s past and future must be researched and presented graphically in response to the available material. Dig deep.

Develop a model of your site, that meets the parameters agreed by the studio in a workshop. The model will be a useful representation of a site you have had limited opportunities to visit and should precisely record the existing built fabric and topography. It will provide a constant formal device in which to explore your building proposal, from initial concept to final review.

Source of UK statistics, including 2001 census
The photographs from the National Monuments Record, the public archive of English Heritage
Definitive source of Swindon knowledge…
Swindon Borough Council’s local development framework plan
Limited company established by the Swindon Borough Council to ‘deliver and facilitate economic & cultural development
and regeneration’ in Swindon
Pre-2008 crash vision for Swindon

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