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The History of Swindon in Maps





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Site 04: Greetings from Swindon

Greenbridge Retail and Leisure Park

by Danielle Duryea

This postcard imposes the Tate brand as just another retail store in the Greenbridge Retail and Leisure Park. Greenbridge promotes itself as an all inclusive shopping, dining, and leisure experience. Similarly, the Tate has transformed the museum experience into that of shopping, dining, and leisure.

From the Greenbridge Retail and Leisure Park website:

“From microwaves to movies… carpets to computers… fridges to footballs… you can find it all at Greenbridge Retail and Leisure Park.

Why not shop till you drop, watch the latest blockbuster movie, work out at the gym, try your luck at the bingo… or relax in one of our famous-name restaurants.

We can guarantee you a warm welcome and you will be pleasantly surprised by the range of what’s on offer.

We believe Greenbridge is the perfect place to combine shopping with leisure, and with more than 20 shops, restaurants and leisure facilities, we can offer much more than you thought.

Greenbridge is located near to Swindon town centre with excellent transport links and is close to the national motorway network.

The park is easily accessible by bus, train and car and has more than 2,000 free car parking spaces, plus the added advantage of on-site security.”

From the Tate website:

“You can buy a very special artist’s product as a treat for yourself or a friend, or choose a handful of favourite postcards from the hundreds available. We pride ourselves on our original selection of children’s books, which are stocked alongside children’s games, DVDs and T-shirts. The handcrafted jewellery is irresistible and customers return again and again for the art materials. This really is a shop that repays a visit in its own right.”

Site 05: Swindon grows like LA!!!!

Click on the Gif to watch Swindon grow into Los Angelas. Can suburban development turn into dense city?


Site 05: Learning From Swindon

This gallery contains 10 photos.

Site 05: Scalar Comparisons

These images illustrate the scalar differences between the existing Toys ‘R’ Us, The Royal Armouries building in Leeds, and the Tower of London. The Toys ‘R’ Us and the R.A. Leeds are almost identical in scale, while the Tower of London is too big to actually fit on the site. The Tower of London, when placed on the periphery of Swindon’s existing development, begins to behave the same way as it once did in London, as the guardian and protector of the periphery.

Toys ‘R’ Us

Royal Armouries – Leeds

Tower of London

2A Sampling an Encounter – Park Bench Facing Tennis Court in London (near the fish restaurant)

The BFI’s Master Film Store

BD reports that Edward Cullinan Architects has completed a film storage centre in Warwickshire for the British Film Institute.

34 Parking Lots on Google Earth

by Jennifer W. Leung

In 2006, Hermann Zschiegner recreated Ed Ruscha’s 1967 34 Parking Lots in Los Angeles using Google Earth:

“Ruscha included a detailed address for all but one parking lot, the only text that accompanied the pictures… transforming the original book into a programmatic device for my project… I applied the same logic of using Google as my only source.”